Do you really know what is mean by the full and sole custody?

They both have the same meaning but in most of the states at present the full custody is not legally significance. This had been determined by the income that had been earned by the parents because only then they can able to bare the expenses of their child. It is necessary for you to know,” what is the difference between full custody and sole custody.” Only then you can able to take care of your child in the form that you like even though you stay separated with your life partner.

Full custody- Having the full rights on child

In the full custody the arrangements are made that one parent is the custodial parent while other parent can be generally granted for just visiting the child. Even meeting would be permitted only the custodial parent permits.

Sole custody- Parent has the full rights to take decisions

The sole custody means one parent could able to solely responsible for making the decisions about the life of the children. This would be better option for the parent who had made the day to day decisions in marriage.

 full custody

What all the factors you should have to get full custody?

  • The court would determine the parents fitness for full custody as like when the parent want to get the custody of the child he should avoid getting angry.
  • Even it include the type of the dress and the other factors for this the parent need to wear the dark suit avoiding wearing the casual clothing.
  • The way of preparing is important that is whether the parent has an attorney or some document to support the child in future.

The main factor is the interest of child probably the court would consider, because the child is going to stay with their parent so it plays the important role. Even though the parent had full qualities when the child does not like to stay then there is no chance for the parent to get the child custody. All the people need to know the difference between legal and physical custody and they are explained below:

Legal custody: It involves the responsibility of making up the decisions about the life of child. It covers up the different categories as follows

  • The education of the child
  • The religion which the child belongs to
  • The medical care when they are not well
  • The counseling and the housing facilities

The joint legal custody means both the parents have their own legal responsibilities to decide on these aspects. In this case when one parent takes decision about the children without asking the other then they have the full rights to file the case on the other.

Physical custody: It would simply establish where the children live on the regular basis that would be granting sole custody that can be legally moved across the country without consulting the other parent. Here there won’t come any legal issues. In physical custody both parents would have to have the maximum involvement in the lives of their children.