Tips to Choose the Universal Smart Home Service App

Technology advances every day, there is no doubt. It seems that the time when houses were smart no longer happens only in movies, has come to reality and you have it at your fingertips.

And never better, with your mobile or Tablet you have at your disposal a lot of app to control all smart home devices and make it more secure.

The best applications to control your home from your mobile

It is a simple mobile application, very intuitive and easy to use, compatible with Apple iOS as for android.

You will have complete control of your home or your business from any mobile device: live view the home or business through IP cameras, remotely control the heating, turn on and off all devices connected to the network, control all inputs and departures

Extra functionality

High security alarm system with immediate response and notice to the State Security Forces, thanks to the connection to its Alarm Receiving Center.


The key piece of any smart home. Control your home from your mobile or tablet? Of course! Therefore, the main thing is to have an optimal Internet connection that allows good communication between different devices wirelessly.simple mobile application

Where to start

In the various Online stores, you can find an infinity of home automation apps aimed at home automation, among which compatibility is specified with the electronic devices you have (and brands), as well as the features designed to improve your day to day. And as you will see, there is something for everyone.


Considered one of the most complete in terms of domestic home automation and with which you will control from the temperature and light of the house, through television, blinds, garage doors or garden irrigation.

Parrot Flower Power

A true guilty pleasure for lovers of nature and gardening. Why? It is able to detect and communicate the needs of the plants taking into account parameters such as humidity, temperature or sun exposure.

Interactive Security

A perfect universal smart home app that reinforces the security of the home, as it gives the possibility to see the rooms live and also control all the devices that are connected to the network.

His main strong? It has an alarm system to notify the police in case of emergency and connects, among other options, with the smoke home app that reinforces the security of the home


For those who like to play with lighting and are always looking for the perfect environment for every occasion. With the use of compatible LED bulbs, you can raise and lower the intensity, change the color and, of course, automate the switching on and off.

Power Simulator

The consumption of your appliances under control. This App allows you to measure how much energy expenditure each of them generates separately, also differentiating the time of day it is used, something that will help you save and improve the energy efficiency of your home.